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 N01Pet cat & Dog Care is made with more than 40 years of expertise. Our veterinarian saw in his practice that many pets came in with the same skin, coat, ear, eye and intestine problems and knew that this could be easily treated with a naturally oriented product.  After years of development the product range of No1 Pet Cat & Dog Care was born.


Not once did it cross his mind that this range could possibly concur the world and would be in high demand by pet owners everywhere. Now, over 40 years later, his humble dream of helping pets with problems has grown to a global success.

No 1 Pet Cat & Dog Care believes in staying as close as possible to your pet’s own identity. This is why all our products are made without any alcohol, which will not unnecessarily irritate or dehydrate the skin and coat of your pet.


Only the best for your pet

 N01Pet Cat & Dog Care products are characterized because they are made with only naturally orientated raw materials of the highest quality. All products are free of alcohol, which ensure that the skin and coat are not unnecessarily irritated. In the production of products no chemical emulsifiers are used, this may cause for the products to de-mix. So our advice is to always shake before use, to maintain the desired viscosity.


The thickness of the products (viscosity) is determined  by the natural resin materials, which are influenced by temperature. Warm temperatures will make the product thinner, if this happens, place the product in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to restore the natural viscosity. The products may never be (almost) frozen and too much sunlight or being stored in a warm place, can also diminish the product’s function.  Changes in color can happen as well as we use only naturally orientated colorings.  All our products are highly concentrated and are therefore economical in use.



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Naturally orientated craftsmanship,
is what characterizes us.

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