The Best Careproducts For Animals




Beauty is in the eye of the beholder everyday

Our naturally orientated products will make your dog fresh and clean without damaging the natural fat layer of the skin.

 Our complete range of beauty products are made with one purpose only; to pamper your pet and offer guilt free enjoyment!


Parfum Beauty

Skin-friendly Perfume. Perfume Friendly is a unique water-based, skin-friendly perfume and is well tolerated by the skin and coat of your dog. The perfume is economical to use and lasts for several days.



Highly luxurious and caring

Every Day Shampoo is suitable to wash your dog or cat as often as you like; it does not damage the natural fat layer of your pet. The shampoo is suitable for all healthy short and/or medium coats.


The nurturing components of coconut and special plant extracts make this every Day Shampoo a highly luxurious and caring shampoo.



Suitable for pets with flaky skin

This caring hair lotion spray is suitable for pets with flaky skin. The lotion spray softens the coat and gives it more volume, a deep shine and resilient hair. The spray is also called dry shampoo as it is very suitable to use on the dry skin. The spray can have a positive effect on the hair growth. Besides this, the product is also very suitable to use to neutralize excessive dog odors. The PH value is tailored to the coat of your pet. The spray is alcohol-free and respects the natural fat layer of your pet.

Naturally orientated craftsmanship,
is what characterizes us.

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